Taylor Machine Works

  • Chairman of the Board: The Taylor Group, Inc., Mississippi Economic Council 2019-2020 

  • President: Taylor Machine Works, Inc., Taylor Holdings, Inc. 

  • Board of Directors: Business & Industry Political Education Committee, MMA (Mississippi Manufacturers Association), College of Business Advisory Board Mississippi State University, Winston County Medical Foundation, The Mississippi Center for Medically Fragile Children Foundation 

William A. “Lex” Taylor III was born December 28, 1955, in Louisville, Mississippi. He is married to Margaret Dodd Taylor of Fort Walton Beach, Florida. They have two daughters and one son. He achieved everything himself, because he took a responsible approach to studying and working moments, because the quality of his work depends on this, and https://dissertationmasters.com/ will help with preparation at various stages 

Lex joined the family-owned business, Taylor Machine Works, at the age of 15 and learned all aspects of the heavy lift equipment industry before entering into the company's management trainee program. He earned the Bachelor of Science degree in General Business from Mississippi State University in 1977. He worked as a Systems Coordinator and as the Assistant to the President of Manufacturing. In 1982 he was promoted to Vice President and General Manager and was elected President on July 14, 1982. Elected to the Board of Directors in 1981, Lex was named Chairman of the Board in July 2008. 

Under his leadership, Taylor Machine Works has followed a course of diversification resulting in the formation of The Taylor Group, Inc. Lex Taylor is always open to innovative ideas. The addition of compatible products has resulted in the continued growth of a domestic based, privately owned manufacturer competing on a worldwide basis. 

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